Icona YouTube video

Icona Vulcano – A Chinese Ferrari F12?

The car company Icona is a small Chinese car company based in Shangai. They intend to create a sports car for the Chinese market with the help from two Italian motoring companies. Icona Vulcano is the the world’s first titanium sports car, the body will be built with titanium and carbon fibre, which is an […]

Golf GTD long-term review

Golf GTD review, part 1

I was not really a VW Golf fan, but when seeing the Golf GTD Mk7 in the dealership with it’s bigger wheels, sporty front and dual exhausts I falled in love with it. A test-drive later and the car was mine. On this blog (starting with this article) you can follow my first months with […]


Morgan Aero 8 – An icon in the making

Would you remember the design of the Toyota Aygo 50 years from now? Probably not. Few cars these days have designs that will last for centuries, one of them however is the Morgan Aero 8, now on it’s fifth generation in 2015. Morgan is a British car manufacturer who have been around for 106 years, […]

Tesla Model S in Sweden

Tesla beats Porsche in Sweden

Tesla Club Sweden today happily announced that the number of Teslas sold during the last month (June) surpassed the number of Porsches on the smaller Swedish car market, 142 vs. 113 Porsches. All Teslas sold in Sweden during June were Model S. It’s too early to tell but maybe Porsche has been to slow to […]

Audi lunar Quattro on the moon

Audi is going to the frigging moon!

Recently Audi announced the new A4, while this might be exciting for some there is a much more interesting Audi announcement, they are going to the frigging moon! As part of the Google Lunar Xprize competition where teams are asked to send a lunar rover to the moon, and let it travel 500 meters across […]

Bentley winter testing in Sweden

Bentley Bentayga SUV winter testing in Sweden

Bentley recently released a YouTube video of their Bentayga SUV on ice during winter tests in the northern part of Sweden. Having actually driven in the area where Bentley is testing in a blizzard I know it’s challenging conditions, yet Bentley manage to make it look very relaxing:

Yellow and red Ford Mustangs

Ford Mustang, finally coming to Europe

There is always an anticipation when Ford releases a new Ford Mustang, will it be as beautiful and iconic as the Mustangs from the 60:s or will it be another footnote of modern Mustang history? During June 2015 we will finally see the new Mustang on the roads in Europe. The engines of the Mustangs […]


Test drive: BMW 118d (E87)

Test-drive of the sporty and somewhat green BMW 118d E87 diesel (2007-), which has come down in price quite significantly due to releases of two new 1-series line ups. BMW:s first 1-series the E87 was released in 2004, it was received with not exactly rave reviews, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear thought that BMW was […]


Volvo uses Avicii in their latest marketing video

Volvo have been using YouTube and celebrities to market their new cars for a while now. In the latest video they are marketing the new XC90 with the help of Avicii, there are very few driving sequences and the actual car isn’t show that much I guess but as a pure commercial it’s ok. Still […]

BMW 7 with gesture commands video

BMW 7-series will feature gesture controls and automatic parking

BMW recently released a video featuring the new 7-series, besides the usual light-weight (BMW managed to save 130 kilograms using carbon technology from the i-series) and more efficient engines the most interesting part is the gesture controls and automatic parking. Gesture controls in cars were all the rage on CES back in January, both BMW […]