Behold, the world’s first 3D-printed car

A couple of days ago Local Motors (based in Arizona, United States) announced the first 3D printed car, the Strati, which were printed during the International Technology Manufacturing Show 2014 in Chicago.

The design of the Strati was the winner of a design competition held by Local Motors, it took 6 days to print the car. It’s important to note that the engine, wires, battery and various other components was not 3D-printed (or actually can’t be 3D-printed).

So what does this mean? For the car industry it means that creating prototypes and concept vehicles can be done a lot quicker and much cheaper than ever before. It also means that smaller manufacturers have a chance of creating some decent lower-end enthusiast vehicles.

Someone mentioned to me that pretty soon you will be able to 3D-print your own car, which will mean the death of the kit-car. That’s an interesting thought but we aren’t quite there yet, even-though it’s possible to copy and have it look like the real deal it still needs to feel and behave like the real deal on the road.

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