BMW 7-series will feature gesture controls and automatic parking

BMW recently released a video featuring the new 7-series, besides the usual light-weight (BMW managed to save 130 kilograms using carbon technology from the i-series) and more efficient engines the most interesting part is the gesture controls and automatic parking.

Gesture controls in cars were all the rage on CES back in January, both BMW and Volkswagen announced gesture control features. Volkswagen displayed a car were you could control the entire car experience with gestures including rolling-down the windows and sunroof.

BMW had a softer approach saying that it would limit their gesture controls to a few commands and the driver would always have the option of using the traditional iDrive. This is what the new 7-series will feature, for example you can turn-up the volume or accept incoming phone calls.

The components for the gesture input comes from Delphi Automotive and can be common for many car manufacturers. High-definition cameras are installed in the dashboard or above the display, which are programmed to recognize the specific gestures. Similar technology have been available in gaming consoles for years.

Another interesting feature on the new BMW 7-series is the remote parking option. When parking the car can automatically park itself in a space without the driver inside. This type of technology could for example help to minimize fender benders or other parking related accidents, also you will limit the acrobatic stunts sometimes needed to get inside the car.

Usually new car technology is introduced in luxury cars first, eventually making its way to more ordinary and everyday cars, which makes the BMW 7-series an interesting case.

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