BMW M2 Coupé – It’s mean and connected!

If someone was going to ask me what is the most underrated performance car in the world, I would answer the BMW 1-series M coupe. It’s a very small car, with lots of power yet you almost never hear about it compared to the M3:s and M5:s out there.

Thankfully BMW has decided to continue the heritage from the 1-series M coupe with the recently unveiled M2 coupe. It’s rear wheel drive and packed with a straight 6 cylinder 370 hp 465 Nm twinturbo engine. Top-speed is limited to 250 km/h, there is the M Driver’s package, which increases the speed to 270 km/h (and it includes a racing instruction course as well).

0-100 km/h is done in about 4 seconds. There are some nice engine/electronical features like the “Smokey Burnout” which is an electrical differential allowing you to be the next Ken Block. There is also an overboost functionality that gives 35 Nm extra torque when putting the throttle down fully.


The M2 borrows a lot of components from the M4 F82 like the wheels, brakes, suspension and the slip differential. This is also why the car has bigger fenders, simply because it can’t be fitted in a regular 2-series coupe chassis. From the factory the M2 comes with 19 inch wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Overall it’s a good looking car, there are lots of M-badges obviously, the four tail-pipes in the back is signature M, and the front looks aggressive enough.

BMW M2 badges are everywhere

The car is equipped with a 7 speed double clutch transmission, however most test drivers report the manual transmission option to be better and makes drive feel more involved.

From an interior stand-point the BMW M2 borrows the same interior as the M235i and the 2-series couple in general, with some extra carbon fibre details and contrasting seams. It’s a functional sleek driver’s environment, with few surprises and not that much innovation to be honest.

BMW M2 interior is sleek and functional

Getting hold of a BMW M2 might prove tricky, as the first year production line is sold out already. Interestingly BMW have tried to build in various connectivity features in the BMW M2, it’s now more than just phone and music.

BMW M laptimer

This app basically studies and tracks your driving, it will use the sensors in the car to provide you with speed, gear, throttle and steering angle data to analyse (or even share on social networks).

BMW GoPro app

In this app you can connect a GoPro camera sitting outside or inside the car to the I-Drive system. It will then display the GoPro camera view on the screen inside the car, you can also manage recording options from the I-Drive system. This is very neat for car bloggers.

BMW M2 four tailpipes

Overall the BMW M2 couple is a superb car, it takes back some of the BMW DNA that have been lost with the family 2-series MPV and the big bulky (and somewhat ugly) X4 and X6. If I was going to be a bit critical of the M2, I think it’s the warranties. It’s an expensive car and you get 2 year warranty, which to me is a mockery towards the customers. On the other hand this is not unique to BMW.

Quick summary

Quick summary










          • - It's fun!
          • - Fast!
          • - Cool!
          • - Connected


          • - Warranty of 2 years is a mockery
          • - Not that economical...

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