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Tesla Model S in Sweden

Tesla beats Porsche in Sweden

Tesla Club Sweden today happily announced that the number of Teslas sold during the last month (June) surpassed the number of Porsches on the smaller Swedish car market, 142 vs. 113 Porsches. All Teslas...

Test drive: BMW 118d (E87)

Test-drive of the sporty and somewhat green BMW 118d E87 diesel (2007-), which has come down in price quite significantly due to releases of two new 1-series line ups. BMW:s first 1-series the E87...

Back of the S60 Polestar

Volvo S60 Polestar 350bhp

Volvo S60 Polestar is the powerful cousin to S60. Polestar is Volvos tuning performance partner, the cooperation started in Swedish touring car championships in the 1990s and has gone from there. In 2010 they...

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