Ford Edge – European preview

Ford Edge side

Ford is releasing the Edge SUV in Europe starting early 2016. It’s been available for some-time in the US and we managed to drive one across the pond prior to it’s European release.

Ford has a calling, instead of creating many different vehicle platforms they are trying to adhere to unified platforms, cross the globe. That is why the Edge is built on the same platform as the new Ford Mondeo.

It is clear that Ford is primarily aiming the Edge towards Santa Fe and Sorento but the design is more premium. In the front it has some aggressive LED lights and a large chrome grille, making it look like the Range Rover Evoque’s American cousin. Looking at the back of the car, it looks more like the Ford Kuga mixed with a Lexus RX of the 2016 lineup. The side of the car also resemble a Lexus RX.

Ford Edge front

Usually the handling and suspension of American SUVs feels like an ocean liner, a very tall one. The Ford Edge is more refined when driving, the suspension is on the softer side but when putting some more pressure on the car it feels stiffer, and at times you forget that it is an SUV at all and it drives more like a station.

The steering is adaptive, meaning that higher speeds will require more input than lower speeds, also the rear-suspension is not typical Ford, it has been re-enginereed to be more responsive. The 6 speed automatic transmission (PowerShift) in the Ford Edge that we tested in the US, was an overall nice experience. It was a little bit slow on some gear changes, but overall it performed well.

The Edge comes with 4WD, this means that the car will detect when the road i slippery and engage the 4WD-system. It is not an uncommon system for SUV:s, but don’t expect to go offroad with such a system to any major extent.

In Europe the engines of choice will probably be diesel, when the Edge is launched it will come with two diesel engines both 2.0 litre turbos producing 178 and 207 bhp. There will be both manual and automatic transmission options.

Inside it was not difficult to find a good driving position and I’m a pretty tall guy. It was easy to get an overview of the road and what’s going on around you. In the center console there is a 10 inch touch-screen, where most of the car can be set. Overall I’m not a fan of the Ford touchscreen system, I think the buttons are too small and the interface is clunky, and not easy to work with. Just changing the radio station from the presets became a problem, and that’s something that you can easily figure out in Audi, BMW, Volvo or VW. I’ve had the same problem in the Mustang.

Even-though the Edge is a small SUV they have managed to make the interior cabin feel spacious, there is lots of room overall but you cannot fit any extra seats.

Ford Edge 2016 interior

The Ford Edge has something called active noise cancellation, it means that road noise is reduced and this was very noticeable in the car at certain speeds. The technology is the same as in your BOSE headphones.

Overall the Ford Edge is a nice experience to drive and use, the starting prices in Europe are high but you do seem to get a good car. We will test it further once it’s more rolled out in Europe.

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