Test-drive: Ford Fiesta 2016

The Fiesta brand has long been known for being a non appealing budget car helping you getting from A to B without much fuzz. Ford has tried to reinvigorate the brand with the new Fiesta, read on to find out if they did.

A couple of years the Fiesta was the first car model in Fords new design concept (later to be followed by the redesigned Focus and Mondeo), the car was now targeting young urban adults. The first time I drove the new Fiesta was three years ago, just when it was released. It was a rather fun car and since then Ford have iterated model.

Hatchback Ford Fiesta, Image courtesy: Ford

The design of the Ford Fiesta is totally right. Image courtesy: Ford

The design of the hatchback version is totally right, the doors are big and the windows small. The front of the car has the now traditional Ford grille you will see on the Focus and Mondeo, and the back of the car is sculpted similarly to the Focus.

When it comes to the sedan version of the Fiesta, I’m not sure what Ford was thinking. It’s just looking weird and design look more like an old Russian Trabant than a modern car, my opinion is that the Fiesta should be bought in the hatchback version, or don’t buy it at all.

Fiesta grille

The now iconic Ford grille, design shared with the Focus and Mondeo.

On the inside the materials are fabric and various degrees of plastics. The interior is on par with other competitors such as the VW Polo and Nissan Micra. Obviously it’s not BMW or Audi quality we are talking about, but neither is the price tag.

The centerpiece of the interior is the console, filled with many buttons… and a screen. The buttons are grouped in a more futuristic manner, and my thoughts (I don’t know why) lead to Alienware computers. Although the placement of the buttons will confuse since it’s not always clear where to look for certain features.

The Ford Fiesta interior is modern.

The Ford Fiesta interior is modern. Image courtesy: Ford

Most Fiestas have the Ford SYNC, which is basically Bluetooth and voice control of the phone through the car. This system works well; I never had any problems with it in any Ford car.

Driving the Fiesta is more engaging than driving the competitors, the EcoBoost engines packs an adequate punch for most daily situations. There is a range of engines from 80 hp to 200 hp (1 to 1.6 liter), both petrol and diesels are available.

The lower range of engines is pretty uninspiring, and you really have to shift a lot and be very active to get any rewards back. If you get a mid-range Fiesta it’s a different story, it’s very quick around the corners, and you can pressure it quite a lot before it starts to slip. Actually the Fiesta managed to put a smile on my face, something few compact cars have been able to.

Fiesta car boot is spacious

The Fiesta boot is spacious for such a small car.

So now to why most people buy the Fiesta, practicality. The boot space is quite deep, folding the seats will also make it longer. It may seem like a small car on the outside but it can definitely hold at least some cargo. Fuel mileage is good on the mid range engines. Overall the Fiesta is a nice and affordable small car; if you buy it new you will get five years warranty (at least in Europe).

Ford Fiesta 2016

Ford Fiesta 2016










          • - Practical
          • - Economical
          • - Looks good


          • - Low-range engines are weak
          • - Interior materials

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