Ford Focus RS 2015 – Another performance car from Ford

Ford is putting on a show of force, and will release more than twelve “performance” vehicles by 2020 to global customers.  Last week Ford announced the new Ford Focus RS, the sports hatchback of choice for most European street racers out there.  The competition is fierce in the segment, dominated by the Golf R. Ford also announced that the new Focus RS will be available globally.

Comparing the 2010 Ford Focus RS with the new one it’s obvious that the design have changed to the better.  I really like the deep impact blue color that Ford had on the Focus RS on display for the press last week.  A major problem with the Ford Focus RS has been that the Focus is a very popular car, someone looking for something special will have to look elsewhere.  The new design do wonders, the car still manages to look somewhat unique despite being based on the same platform as the Focus, which probably is among the most popular cars in Europe.  While the Ford Focus RS predecessor looked like a 16-year old at a rave party, the new design is more mature and dignified.

Watch Ken Block taking the Ford Focus RS for a spin…or two

It’s clear that the engines have become more fuel efficient in the last five years, while the output is unchanged. The 2015 Ford Focus RS feature the same engine as in the 2015 Mustang, a 2.3l Ecoboost engine with four cylinders. Obviously the engine will be customized for the RS (with larger intercooler and twin-scroll turbo), Ford promises more than 316 horsepower, although they have not yet confirmed the final number.

In the previous RS Ford went with a front-wheel drive, they said in 2009 that a front-wheel drive system is more exact and that a four-wheel drive system adds more weight and messes with the dynamics of the car. This resulted in that the 2010 Focus RS had problems with putting all the power down without spinning etc. It seems like Ford changed their minds for the 2015 Focus RS, it will feature four-wheel drive, and now Ford of course promises the best driving characteristics out there.

Inside in the 2015 Focus RS, there will still be Recaro-seats, aluminum pedals and RS-logos everywhere. But there will also be a touch-screen and the other stuff that you are used to from a regular Focus.

Ford Focus RS 2015 specs

Trivia: Ken Block was a consultant when developing the Ford Focus RS 2015
Engine: 2.3 liter Ecoboost with four straight cylinders, 316 horsepower (or above)
Max RPM:  6 800
All-wheel drive
6-speed gear box
Available to: Global
Manufactured in: Saarlouis, Germany

Ford Focus RS 2015 image gallery

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