Ford Mustang, finally coming to Europe

Yellow and red Ford Mustangs

There is always an anticipation when Ford releases a new Ford Mustang, will it be as beautiful and iconic as the Mustangs from the 60:s or will it be another footnote of modern Mustang history? During June 2015 we will finally see the new Mustang on the roads in Europe.

The engines of the Mustangs for 2015 in Europe are a 2.3L Ecoboost 314 hp and a 418 hp 5.0L V8 (which will be found on the GT version). In late 2015 there will also be a more powerful GT350 Shelby-version with over 500 hp 5.2L on the US market to begin with.

I love the Mustang brand and the heritage it stands for, however the engine lineup is very similar every time Ford releases a new version, a less powerful (although more efficient than ever) and a more powerful V8. It’s not really innovation or progress, just a safe bet. While the competitors in the segment (Porsche for example) are experimenting with hybrids and electric sports cars, Ford stays in the old safe zone. This is a bit sad because Ford has gone through a massive improvement when it comes to innovation and feel in their cars, yet there are some things they don’t seem to dare.


Ford has kept the more 60:s design lines of the new Mustang (introduced on the previous one), this is especially obvious on the GT version, which is one of the best looking designs on the road right now, in my opinion. When it comes to the convertible the story is another, it looks a bit weird and has a radio antenna at the back which messes up the whole thing, and brings the design back to the 90:s.

The front of the Mustang looks mean with smaller headlights and larger grille, the back has the vertical bar LED taillight.  Overall the car is wider than the previous Mustang.

Ford Mustang three bars tail light

Ford Mustang three bar tail light


I think that Ford have nailed the feel in the new Mustang, sitting in it feels retro yet very comfortable, it would be no problem to take a long roadtrip in it.

On the interior side Ford say that the Mustang is meant to look like a cockpit in an aircraft, this is always a silly comparison, a couple of the buttons may have an aviation feel to it, that’s it. Other than that there is a large touch-screen in the middle and some aluminum to break of the darker materials. Overall it’s pretty nice, the seats are comfy but of course there is no leg-room in the back.

Ford Mustang have the option of being equipped with the Ford Sync 2 system, which enables voice commands controlling the AC, phone and various other features on the car.

Ford Mustang 2015 interior

What’s it like to drive the new Ford Mustang?

Most reviews say that the car is versatile, it still works best in a straight line (as usual with Mustang) with the more powerful V8. Cornering should have been better because of the new independent rear suspension, but the car is still somewhat heavy in the front (53-54% of the weight over the front tires).

It remains to be seen if the new Ford Mustang will be a success in Europe, but so far it’s looking good, however the engine options are a bit on the safe side and for everyday use they will probably not cut it in terms of efficiency. Will keep you posted if I get to drive one.

Ford Mustang 2015 image gallery

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