Four essentials needed for this summer road trip

Going on a summer road trip is usually great fun and an experience you will remember for life. To make it as fun and memorable as you want it we have recommended a few items to help you on the way.

The Ford Mustang is a nice summer car

Make the car great again

Let’s face it, a glossy car during the summer is essential, and even-though it’s summer the car will get dirty. Finding a good car wax that will last during the summer months can be difficult.

I have for a long time been using the more upscale Turtle Wax products and also the Sonax Hard Wax. I’ve not been disappointed by any of them, but then I recently found out about the Chemical Guys Extreme Depth Liquid Wax and the Liquid Lustre Wax.

The Extreme Depth Liquid Wax creates a soft shell protecting the car. I use it before the summer season to clean up the car and then gain during the winter in order to protect against salt. The Liquid Lustre Wax is a bit lighter than the Extreme Depth. It’s perfect for those warm summer nights when you just want to cruise and show the car off.  The wax smells like cherry and is a joy to work with, the result is a glossy car with very few streaks.

Keep the heat out

In warmer climates dashboards can and the interior of the car can actually get damaged by the heat from the sun, often cracks will appear after sun exposure. A way to protect the dashboard of the car is the use a windshield sunshade. Even mentioning “windshield sunshade” gives me the creeps. Usually you can buy one-piece sunshades very cheaply, and often they do not cover the whole of the windshield, and are in general difficult to apply.

On the market right now there are sunshades that are made of two-pieces, this makes it easier to apply to the windshield.

Keep the Zen

Usually when going on summer road trips you will at least have sun glasses, one phone, something in your cup holder, keys, maps, cameras and all kinds of stuff. Many cars have actually quite bad storage capacity for smaller items close to the driver or passengers (BMW 1-series, I’m looking at you).

A nifty gadget to use is a pocket that will slide between the seats and the center console, in the pocket you can store additional stuff, genius!

Smell good

Being in the car during the summer with friends, kids, loved ones and pets doesn’t always create the best of smells. Some people like to add scent into their cars, I do not. However there are products like the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag that will capture smells and contain it.

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