Icona Vulcano – A Chinese Ferrari F12?

The car company Icona is a small Chinese car company based in Shangai. They intend to create a sports car for the Chinese market with the help from two Italian motoring companies.

Icona Vulcano is the the world’s first titanium sports car, the body will be built with titanium and carbon fibre, which is an engineering feat in itself. According to the designers, the SR-71 blackbird reconnisance aircraft was the inspiration for the design, looking at the car I think it looks more like a Ferrari F12.

Engineering the car is no other than Claudio Lombardi, racing director of Lancia during it’s golden years and powertrain technical director for Ferrari Formula 1.

Under the hood you will find a Corvette Z1 V8 engine enhanced to produce 670 bhp, 840 Nm, when the car first was on display in 2013 it was offered with a V12.  Icona claims that the less powerful engine can get the coupe to ~100 km/h miles per hour in 2.8 seconds.

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