Golf GTD part 2: Interior and exterior

Inside the Golf GTD things are really composed, having driven Audi a lot there is a striking resemblance when it comes to the quality of the plastics and some of the components.  The center console has a large capacitive touch screen, controlling everything except the AC (for some weird reason it has to be controlled by separate buttons).

Golf GTD mk7 interior

To really do the Golf GTD justice I decided to compare the interior with a regular Golf, since VW expect customers to pay a hefty premium for the GTD.

The steering wheel of the GTD differs from the regular Golf, it has the GTD logo, some plastic chrome and is shaped a bit differently. When driving in the dark you will notice the ambient lighting, this is LED lightning on the inside of the doors, handles and on the floor creating creating a nice atmosphere making it easier to find things.

Seating in the Golf GTD is phenomenal, the seats are comfy works well both for long rides as well as holding you in place when doing quick cornering or accelerations. Of course the seats are checkered, as GTI heritage has it.

There are lots of storage on the inside, big door bins and a good sized glove box (where also a CD-player and memory card readers are placed). In the backseat it’s actually possible to sit, me being 188 cm had serious problems with both the BMW 1-series, Toyota Prius and even the Tesla Model S, this is usually because of the lack of headroom.

It’s clear when loading the trunk that the Golf is not a small car anymore, it’s easy to fit two big suitcases and still have room for lots of other stuff. Since the trunk is in two layers it’s also possible to have tools etc with you in the bottom layer.

Parking the GTD next to a regular Golf you will notice that it is lower and have the honeycomb GTI/GTD front. Of course the car also have the GTD emblems on the grille and sides of the car. Headlights and the LED rear lights are different from the regular Golfs. Usually the GTD has bigger wheels (18 inch) and there are some nice VW 18 inch wheel options such as the Nogaro. The dual exhausts are chromed and grouped together, however I like the setup on the GTI better, where the exhausts are seperate.

Golf GTD Mk7 dual exhausts

The dual exhausts look better on the GTI than the GTD.

The only downside from a design perspective with the Golf GTD, is what makes it powerful from a practical one, and that is that it looks like a Golf. Don’t get me wrong, the Golf is a nice car, but it is also Europe’s most common car. Thus the GTD caters more to an audience who wants to fly under the radar, under promise and over deliver, rather than getting all the attention.


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