Lexus CT 200h vs. BMW i3 commercial, why it makes Lexus look bad

Lexus in the US have decided to slam the BMW i3 in their latest commercial recently released on YouTube. The video itself is pretty non-scientific, since they are comparing a hybrid (Lexus CT 200h) with the BMW i3 plug-in. Obviously the “test” is made to ridicule BMW i3 and the range if it.

Personally I don’t like this type of commercials, to me the Lexus brand is the looser for a variety of reasons;

  • The case in the commercial where a couple of bad actors are trying to drive a BMW i3 plug-in through the Nevada desert to Las Vegas is stupid. Any owner know from the beginning that the range is not going to be enough, plug-ins are made to be used in cities, short distances, not 500 km hikes through deserts, the technology simply isn’t there yet.
  • The BMW i3 have a petrol range extended option, for obvious reasons not used in the commercial.
  • I like Lexus cars, but it is clear that Lexus in the US seem to think that the CT200h doesn’t stack up to the competition on its own merits, so they chose to try to ridicule the competition instead.
  • It would have been more interesting to compare the Lexus CT 200h with the BMW 3-series active hybrid, hybrid vs. hybrid.
  • BMW and Toyota (Lexus parent company) are partners in battery technology, and according to a press release from 2012 “respect each other”.

See the commercial for yourself below:

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