Mercedes B180 – Pros and cons

Mercedes have created some really great cars over the years, the S-class, SLS and the new C-class. But the A and B-class MPVs have always been hidden in the shadows, they don’t quite fit the brand yet Mercedes need them to reach higher volumes and attract new customers (BMW is doing the same with the new 2-series active tourer).

I took a fully loaded Mercedes B180 2014 for a test-drive to see if it really is a Mercedes despite its MPV looks.

These are the top 5 pros and cons that I came up with:


First of all it’s an MPV, and they are practical because of their height, it’s possible to load both stuff and a huge amount of kids in there. However the car itself is not overly large, making it easy to park and drive in city traffic.


The Mercedes B180 can be regarded as a safe car, it has some standard security extras such as a collision prevention assist, which is basically a light that comes on if you are too close to the car in front. Other standard security features include attention assist, which warns if the driver is getting tired and a pelvic airbag.

Interior design

Mercedes often have a tendency of developing somewhat boring interiors for their lower end cars, however the 2014 B180 has a really nice driver environment. Materials and feel is really nice, our car even had a panorama roof, and the B180 is fairly quiet for a car of this design (MPVs often have background road noise). The centerpiece of the interior is the screen where everything about the car is controlled using a scrolling knob in the center console. When it comes to the interface it’s fairly easy to navigate and understand, although we had some difficulties finding the pairing option for bluetooh phone.

Connected from the start

Even-though the Merceces B180 is expensive in its segment it comes with Bluetooh, AUX and USB, many of its German luxury counterparts charge extra for it, common it’s 2014….

Mercedes got some Wheels

The B180 has some really nice wheels available for it, I love the dark optional 18 inch alloy 225/40 5 spoke wheels.


It’s an MPV…

Regardless of extra design features that Mercedes have tried to include, the B180 still looks like an MPV (obviously), and they simply don’t look that great.

Driving characteristics

I think the petrol engine in the car we tested was despite its 122 horsepower a pleasant experience, it managed to accelerate OK. But the cornering and handling of the Mercedes B180 leaves something to be desired, sure the sport suspension does wonders for the car, but it still feels imprecise and a little bit flimsy at certain speeds when cornering.


It’s a Mercedes yet it doesn’t have the real Mercedes feel. While it’s reliable you will certainly pay an extra for maintenance compared to other cars within the same segment.

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