Preview: Geneva Motor Show 2015

The Geneva motorshow will be held between 3-15 March 2015 below are a selection of the most anticipated announcements:

New Audi R8

One of the most anticipated announcements is probably the 2017 Audi R8. The car will be available with laser headlight, there are rumors that the R8 will be using the same platform as the Lamborghini Hurcan. The engine lineup will be V8, V10 and it’s also rumored that an electric version e-Tron will be added. Audi released the video below of a masked R8 racing around the track:

Aston Martin will reveal the Vulcan

The teaser video released by Aston Martin didn’t say much except showing the Vulcan tail lights, nevertheless it will be most interesting to see more of it during the show. Aston Martin recently partnered with AMG for engines, rumor has it that the Vulcan will have an AMG engine.

Mercedes Benz AMD GT 3

Mercedes will display the new AMD GT 3 racecar, which will be the replacement of the SLS AMG GT. The grille on the AMD GT 3 is huge and takes us back to the 1950:s Mercedes SLR 300 racer.

Nissan Sway

If someone says Nissan Micra, I would reply…boring… So boring in fact that Nissan themselves seem to announce a predecessor concept with a new name, Nissan Sway. The company recently release a teaser photo, which looks promising, or what do you think?

Nissan Sway Concept at Geneva 2015

Geneva Motor Show 2015, list of announcements:

• Audi Prolouge Concept
• Bently Continental GT
• Bently Flying Spur
• Bugatti Veyron (the last and final ever made will be on display)
• Ferrari 458M
• Honda Civic Type R
• Infinity QX3 concept
• Koeningsegg Regera (700 hp hybrid)
• Lexus LF-SA concept
• Lotus Evora 400
• Mansory Lamborghini Huracan MH1 (Lambo on steroids)
• Mercedes Benz G500
• Mercedes Maybach Pullman
• Mitsubishi Hybrid SUV (based on the XR-PHEV)
• Porsche 911 GT3 RS
• Range Rover Evoque facelift
• Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

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