Tagged: Hatchbacks

Ford Fiesta front, Image courtesy: Ford

Test-drive: Ford Fiesta 2016

The Fiesta brand has long been known for being a non appealing budget car helping you getting from A to B without much fuzz. Ford has tried to reinvigorate the brand with the new...

Golf GTD mk7 interior

Golf GTD part 2: Interior and exterior

Inside the Golf GTD things are really composed, having driven Audi a lot there is a striking resemblance when it comes to the quality of the plastics and some of the components.  The center...

Golf GTD long-term review

Golf GTD review, part 1

I was not really a VW Golf fan, but when seeing the Golf GTD Mk7 in the dealership with it’s bigger wheels, sporty front and dual exhausts I falled in love with it. A...

Audi A3 Sportback

Test drive: Audi A3 2014 Quattro Sportback

There is something about small hatchbacks with a turbo-charged engine, they are practical yet fun to drive. Audi A3 is perhaps one of the most well known small sports hatchbacks out there, and for...

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