Tesla Model 3 – Range, Price and Delivery time

In the first 24 hours after the Tesla Model 3 launch event, over 180 000 reservations were made, in the first week 325 000 reservations were made at a value of $14 billion according to the Twitter account of Elon Musk. Production of the vehicles will start in late 2017.

So what is all the buzz about? What makes the Tesla 3 so interesting and do you really need it?

First of all it’s the price point, the car starts at $35 000, the previous Teslas have been priced like luxury vehicles targeting wealthy individuals. The Model 3 targets the general public, this is the Tesla for regular folks and that is also part of the reason for the huge number of reservations.

From a design point of view the Tesla Model 3 looks like a smaller Model S. Obviously it’s easy to downsize the Model S since the electrical engine does not take up too much space. As many people pointed out there is no grille in the front, instead there is just an air-intake below the headlights.This is because an electrical motor requires less cooling than a traditional fossil engine.

Tesla Model 3 front without a grille

In the back you will notice the traditional Tesla slope, also much of the roof in the backseat is glass, this will increase visibility for passengers and the driver. It will be interesting to see how Tesla solves the heating issue in colder climate with the extensive use of glass roofing, it’s notoriously cold for the head.

The boot lid on the Model S is huge and opens up the back window as well, the Model 3 has a small lid and thereby bigger items will not fit in the boot, even if the boot space if of decent size. Some concept pictures have surfaced on the internet, of a Tesla 3 station wagon, it would solve the boot lid problem.

When sitting in the Tesla Model 3 you are struck by the minimalistic interior, in fact minimalism is an understatement. There are no buttons or gauges, instead there is a touchscreen in the middle of the car placed horizontally (as opposed to vertically in the Model S).

We will probably see more car manufacturers adopting a touch-screen only driving interface, it saves money and is what a younger audience would expect. Another manufacturer going the same route is Toyota, with the new Prius 2016.

Tesla Model 3 slope

It will be interesting to follow the model 3, it will definitely prove a challenge for Tesla in producing massive volumes on point with quality and price. If successful the Tesla Model 3 will be changing the fundamentals of the entire car industry. Would I buy one? Not just yet, deliveries are set for end 2017.

Tesla 3 specifications and comparison

 Tesla Model 3Tesla Model S (P90)Nissan LeafBMW i3 (full electric)Chevy Bolt
Range345 km550 km250 km160 km320 km (approx)
0-100 km/h6 seconds4.4 seconds11.9 seconds7.9 seconds7 seconds
Charging time from empty battery to full effecN/A3-5 hours7 hours5.5 hoursN/A

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