Volvo S90 2016 sedan – all you need to know

Volvo S90 2016 with 20 inch wheels

I remember when the first model of the Volvo S90 sedan came out in the late 90:s, it was a more luxurious version of the 940 made for directors and VIPs. Today it’s a pretty rare sight to see the S90 in traffic.

However now we will see a lot more of them, since Volvo has decided to revive the S90 and create one for the 2016 business people directly targeting the BMW 5-series and Mercedes sedans.

The sedan market is a weird sort of card market, if someone was going to force me to buy a sedan today, I would go for a 3-series, A5, Maserati Ghibli or possibly a Panamera. Looking at any of the other sedans release the last couple of years, I can’t find any that would be of interest. So the market for them isn’t huge, so Volvo is not realizing the S90 for catching the enormous market.

Why are they releasing it? Well first of all as a Swedish car manufacturer (ok it’s Chinese owned, but it’s built for the most part in Sweden) it’s always good to take a stab at the German competitors (BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VW).

The other reason might have to do with heritage, there was a time when the Volvo was renowned for sedans, during the 80:s and 90:s they made the 240, 740 and 940. Especially the 240 and 940 sedans could last for years, some are still going strong today. Even-though they were bulky and the driving characteristics was somewhat quirky the quality and toughness is what built the Volvo brand. Naturally Volvo wants to reclaim that segment of the market.

So what about the new Volvo S90?

If you have seen the new XC90 you will be familiar with the front, the Thor hammer headlights are there and so is the grille.

Volvo S90 2016 thors hammer lights

Inside the same central touch console is visible and much of the driver environment look the same as in its larger cousin.

Volvo S90 plush interior with media console

The Volvo S90 sedan looks very good from the side, it’s a mixture of a 5-series and an Audi A5 but with a more luxurious feel to it.

Volvo S90 2016 from the side

Then there is the back of the car not sure what happened here but it looks like if the Volvo designer came straight from Toyota. Either you like it, or you don’t. It is however clear that the car will be recognizable from the back.

The back of the Volvo S90 is debated

On the technical side Volvo vill introduce it’s new City Safety system with the S90, which will include detection of large animals such as elk or horses both night and day.

More information on the Volvo S90 will be unveiled on the North American International Auto Show in January.

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