Volvo unveils new XC90

During the week Volvo released the new seven seater XC90, we first wrote about it last week. The car has taken Volvo three years and costs about $11bn to develop. I was never a huge fan of the first XC90, more of a family hauler than a driving machine. However Volvo says that in the new version you will get a much more improved driving experience with the agility of a smaller car, which obviously seems great. Volvo being Volvo, the new XC90 is loaded with different safety options, for example if you turn in front of an oncoming car the Volvo XC90 will automatically brake.

The top of the line XC90 twin engine combines a 400 horsepower two litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric engine, which seem to be an engine solution many car manufacturers are aiming for in various segments. For example the new Porsche Cayenne Hybrid features 416 combined horsepower.

Volvo XC90 exterior

More Volvo XC90 exterior

Volvo XC90 interior

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