Volvo XC60 Classic Review

Volvo XC60 Classic front

To me Volvo has never been about safety or scandinavian luxury, but rather cars than can go on for ever. Then something happened to the brand in the early 00:s and it lost the Volvo iconic quality of the 70-90:s and became just another brand in the Ford mega corporate world. I owned a S40 during the early 00:s, a car with a very high price to problem ratio. Ford introduced shared components and platforms, it’s a Focus…no wait it’s a Volvo V50…

Since then the Volvo brand has moved on. Naturally I was quite excited to drive the XC60 Classic to see if there is some Volvo heritage in there. The XC60 is actually one of a few cars that have increased in sales as older it has become. So there is something about it that people like. The Classic is the last model year (2017), as the new XC60 is being introduced this year.

Volvo has set an ambitious goal, they want zero deaths in Volvo cars. Naturally the XC60 Classic is filled with safety features such as blind spot indication, collision warning, auto break, 2 500 airbags in different shapes and forms etc.’

I had few issues with these systems, but still in 2017 they are not fully to be trusted. Two times in one week the collision warning though I was driving into another car, which I wasn’t going to. Once the blind spot indication indicated no car in the lane on the left. It couldn’t see the huge van driving alongside because we were in a corner.

These systems do work most of the time, and naturally they will evolve. But still they are not 100%, but car manufacturers are demanding 100% pay for them.

Volvo has always featured great seats for Scandinavians like myself. The seats in the XC60 Classic is quite nice and are comfortable. They are not too stiff but not super soft either, just the perfect balance. I’m not sure what shorter people would think of them though.

Volvo XC60 Classic back

Driving the XC60 Classic is comfortable, safe, quiet and stable. The D4 AWD I tested did pack a punch but had considerable lag at acceleration. At higher speed the steering becomes a bit flimsy, it doesn’t feel as firm at high speeds as the Subaru Forester or the Audi Q5. I like the feeling of the XC60, but it’s not a driver’s car.

I didn’t test the XC60 in any terrain or difficult conditions, only gravel roads, which any car should be able to handle.

It’s 2017 and global warming is a problem, I do like that Volvo Cars recently committed to only having electric cars by 2019. This vision is not something that they have put to work in the D4 AWD, it was one of the thirstier modern cars I’ve driven so far. It didn’t help that the car was automatic.

If I was going to own a car for a longer period of time, hauling kids, boats and stuff I would go for the XC60 Classic. Classic means that the car will have a small amount of issues compared to buying the new model XC60. It will run for a long time and keep you safe. However it will not provide any kind of driving sensation. Go for a smaller engine than the thirstier D4, which I frankly never came quite to terms with.

XC60 Classic captures the Volvo brand values

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